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Product Name:P13.5S E10 LED Torch bulbs
Product Code: P13.5S-E10-1W

Keywords: P13.5S E10 LED Torch bulbs
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P13.5S E10 LED torch bulb, P13.5 LED replacment lamp, 3V/ 12V LED Indication lamp, Warm White, Cool White, LED Automotive Lamps


Base type: P13.5S

LED quantity: 1

Power:1W ± 10%

Voltage: 3V/6V/ 12V/ 18V

Beam angle: 100 degrees

Colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white and amber




Pro-environment, energy conservation

Pure color and beautiful appearance

Longer lifespan, the average lifespan expectancy is 50,000 hours

High quality of light ray and no radiation



P13.5S E10 LED bulbs, led miniature lamp, LED torch light,  flashlight bulbs, Meglite torch bulbs.
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