LED light bulbs

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one of the leading manufacturer,we can provide E27 Edison led lamp base for european market,E26 edison led bulb light for America-USA,CANADA.E12 Candelabra Screw Base for your candle light,Christmas lights  E17 for C9 bulbs, E12  C7 bulbs, E10 C6 LED bulb in the U.S.

B22 Bayonet Cap LED Bulbs,we can design according to your requirement,we can provide 12Volt led,24V LED,e10 60v bulbs,e26 4w 120v led light,e17 2w 100v light,220v 3w led e14,5w 230v e27 led,We can provide a range of wattage,3W,5W,7W,10W is very popular, 

You are welcome OEM/ODM.


E12 Base Dimmable LED candle light

C7 E12 LED Christmas bulbs

G4-G9 JC Bi-Pin LED bulbs

A19 10W LED bulb lights

3.5W E14 LED filament light bulbs

G45 B22 LED filament bulbs

S14 4W LED filament bulb

T8 E14 LED sign light bulb

G23 6W UV LED tube light

BA15D LED bulb T22 230V

Filament E14 2W LED Candle Lamps

3W E26 Filament LED light bulbs

A55 2W LED Edison Bulb

3W ceramic LED chandelier light

E14 /E27 3W LED Ceramic candle lamp

9W G12 LED spotlight

LED G12 base 10W light bulbs

Ceramic G4 LED lamp halogen bulbs

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E14 LED 12V LED LED bulb LED light LED lamp LED spotlight A19 LED LED downlight E12 LED LED refrigerator light GU10 LED Automotive LED light
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