LED Christmas lamp Lighting up The Rockefeller Center
Date:2011-12-06 Click: Author:admin

LED Christmas trees in New York City.

People stand in 30 Rockefeller Plaza looking at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree after it is illuminated at the annual lighting ceremony November 30, 2011 in New York City.

LED Christmas lights Light list:

C6 LED light bulbs

C7 E12 LED christmas lighting

C9 E17 LED decorative lamp

G50/G60 Decorative plastic Christmas ball light

G80/G100 Blow Molding carfts Xmas ball lighting.

LED Christmas lights Outdoor displays

is used in public squares, street trees and park trees, adorning lampposts and other such structures, decorating significant buildings such as town halls and department stores, and lighting up popular tourist attractions.fairy lights

Holiday Lights,Festival of Lighting,Halloween,Easter lights

Color:Warm White,Cool White,Red,Green,Blue,Yellow,RGB changing color.

where can i get christmas lights that are used on rockefeller tree?

Jingliang Lighting offer Christmas blessings to you.




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