LED wall washer
Product Name:RGB 18W LED wall washer light
Product Code: JL-WW-18W-RGB

Keywords: RGB 18W LED wall washer light
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RGB 18W LED wall washers light

Size: 1000*76*H76MM

Color: RGB

LED style: 1W LED

Viewing angle: 15° /30° /45°/ 60°/ 120°

Working voltage: 90 to 240V AC

Connecting number: 80%

Operating temperature: -40℃ to 80℃

Life time: 50,000hrs

Resisting level: IP65


Uses 1W LED as lighting source, high illuminated efficiency

Uses aluminum housing as light material, easily cooling and anode of surface deal with oxidation

Polish, smooth and glossy surface

Applied for aluminum housing board as circuit board

The heat emitting by passing to aluminum slot in the bottom


RGB 18W LED wall washer light, LED floodlight widely applied for bureau, top room, emporium shop, stage, showroom, pole lamp, wall wisher, building, advertisement decoration, and character sign

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